CIMB Niaga Vacancies December 2011

CIMB Niaga Vacancies December 2011   - Bank CIMB Niaga was incorporated on 26 September 1955 under the name of Bank Niaga. During the initial decades of its operations, the Bank’s focus was on building core values and developing professionalism in banking. As a result, Bank CIMB Niaga soon came to be recognized as a trusted provider of quality products and services. In 1987, Bank Niaga distinguished itself in the local marketplace by becoming the first Indonesian bank to provide customers with access to their accounts through ATM access. In many ways this came to be recognized as Indonesia’s entry into the modern banking era. Bank CIMB Niaga’s leadership in the application of technology was further enhanced in 1991 when it became the first bank to provide on-line banking facilities.

Bank Niaga was listed on the Jakarta and Surabaya Stock Exchange (now the Indonesia Stock Exchange/IDX) in 1989. The decision to become a publicly listed company was a key milestone for the Bank which enabled greater access to capital financing. In many respects this was the key catalyst that launched the Bank’s nationwide expansion.

The Government of Indonesia would temporarily secure a majority shareholding of Bank CIMB Niaga in the wake of the Financial Crisis in the late 1990s. In November 2002 Commerce Asset-Holding Berhad (CAHB), now known as CIMB Group Holdings Berhad (CIMB Group Holdings), acquired a majority control of Bank Niaga from the Indonesia Bank Restructuring Agency (IBRA). It subsequently transferred its shares in the Bank to CIMB Group in August 2007 as part of an internal reorganization to consolidate all its operating subsidiaries under CIMB Group as the universal banking platform.

Since 2007, Khazanah as the ultimate shareholder of Bank Niaga (via CIMB Group) and of LippoBank, had envisaged the merger as a means to secure the majority shareholders’ obligations toward Bank Indonesia’s Single Presence Policy. The union is the first merger to specifically fulfill these conditions. In May 2008, Bank Niaga changed its name to become Bank CIMB Niaga. Bank CIMB Niaga’s and LippoBank’s Merger Plan Agreement was signed in June 2008. This was subsequently followed by Merger Plan Approval from Bank Indonesia and the issuance of a Merger Notification’s Acceptance Letter from the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights in October 2008. LippoBank officially merged into Bank CIMB Niaga on November 1, 2008 (Legal day 1 or LD1) and launched the Bank’s new logo in recognition.

The merger of LippoBank into Bank CIMB Niaga represents the single greatest leap forward to occur in Southeast Asia’s banking sector in recent times. Bank CIMB Niaga now offers its customer the most comprehensive portfolio of universal banking services available in Indonesia, combining its strengths in retail, SME and corporate banking as well as payment services. The merger makes Bank CIMB Niaga the 5th largest bank in terms of assets, deposits, lending and branch distribution network. Through its commitment to Integrity, perseverance to always place Customers first and passion for Excellence, Bank CIMB Niaga will continue to leverage its strengths to fully realize all of the synergies which the merger has to offer. These are the core values of Bank CIMB Niaga and are its obligations for the dynamic and promising road ahead. 

Careers - December 2011 -  CIMB Group ( PT. CIMB Niaga, Tbk )

Our main markets in which we offer full universal banking facilities are Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand. As we continue to grow our businesses in the region, we look for individuals with a thirst for challenge and outstanding capabilities. Well-rounded, multi-disciplined persons with high intelligence; energy and integrity are welcome to be part of this fast moving organisation.

Card Collection Officer - Jakarta
  • Creating a work plan & strategy for achieving employment targets set by Management (Deliquency Rate, NPL Rate, Gwo, and NCL Rate)
  • Oversee the process and activities of daily work, systematic work and administrative problems
  • Monitoring & maintenance of account management activities by inhouse collector, collector field and the debt collector in the billing agency or a third party
  • To manage organizational units and management of human resources that are under supervision
  • Perform maintenance on customer complaints
  • Communication and good cooperation with all division associated with its responsibilities
  • Male
  • Minimum education S1
  • Maximum age 37 years
  • Having work experience in the collection a minimum of 4 years
Closing Date: 7-1-12

Call Center System Support - Jakarta
  • Doing support of the entire system used in the Call Center
  • Project implementation in the Call Center
  • Monitor both the Call Center system
  • Male/ Female
  • Minimum education S1 from any discipline
  • Having work experience in a call center a minimum of 3 years
  • Able to communicate well in Bahasa Indonesian and English
Closing Date: 7-1-12

Bancassurance Specialist Officer - Jakarta
  • Ensuring AiAF targets revenue in all branches can be achieved, by focusing intensively and actively involved in branch activities through the Branch Manager and its PIC
  • Ensuring referral business process runs well in all branches and build relationships with insurance partners
  • Designing, delivering, and evaluating training referrals and refreshment to the bank staff
  • Preparing the data performace and progress in a comprehensive bancassurance
  • Distribute and ensure all the information from the Insurance Business Group already was delivering on the right and good to all branches regarding program updates, rewards, memos, and promotional events (contests & reward)
  • Creating a report on production updates Bancassurance Area and Branch (referrals, cases, premiums and revenue and competitor updates), budget training, business travel and entertainment
  • Male / Female, S1, Maximum age 35 years
  • Work experience minimum 2 years in banking or insurance industry
  • Have good communication skills in Indonesian & English, especially for the presentation
  • Able to operate Microsoft Office
Closing Date: 7-1-12

Merchant Relation Officer - Jakarta
  • Responsible for making the program usage by prominent merchants
  • Male, Minimum S1 from any discipline
  • Preferably have experience in the same field at least 1 year, but fresh graduates may also apply
  • Fluent in English, both oral and written
  • Able to operate MS Office
Closing Date: 7-1-12

Consumer Banking Development Program - Jakarta
Program that aims to meet the needs of banking marketing officer through an intensive education program for approximately 5 months, participants will go through a series of education in classes and on-the-job training.

  • Male/ Female.
  • D3/ S1 from reputable university / accredited with a minimum GPA of 2.75
  • Age 25, single
  • Active in the organization
  • Attractive personality, has the communication and negotiation skills
  • Target oriented and able to work under pressure
  • Being able to provide the best service to customers
  • Have proficiency in English both oral and written
  • Willing to be placed throughout the area/ branch of CIMB Niaga
Closing Date: 7-1-12

Portfolio Analytic Officer - Merchant Business & Development - Jakarta 
  • Make daily reports to the team
  • Prepare daily reports data outside according to the needs of the team and the group
  • Setting up a data storage with a complete and reliable information on all merchant acquiring CIMB
  • Creating reports for Merchant Business Group financial data
  • Male / Female, minimum S1 from any discipline
  • More preferably at least 1 year experience in same field, but fresh graduates may also apply
  • Have a good ability to analyze
  • Able to operate MS Office
Closing Date: 8-1-12

Secretary - Jakarta 
  • Female
  • Age min. 25 years
  • Preferred educational background of the Academy Secretary / Administrative
  • Having experience as a secretary min. 1 year
  • Having computer skills (min. Excel, Word, Power Point, etc.)
  • Have the ability in English both oral and written
  • Having an attractive appearance and personality, loyal and able to adapt quickly
  • Have high motivation and good communication
Closing Date: 11-1-12

Application Procedures

Please send your recent resume and CV addressed to :
Recruitment Center - Human Resource
Menara CIMB Niaga 18th FL.
Jl. Raya Diponegoro 101 Lippo Karawaci - Tangerang

Tel : +62 21 5460 555/666 Ext. 68000
Fax : +62 21 5462 647
E-mail : 
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